General goals of the Senior level

The Senior cycle includes students from 7th to 4th grade. Our commitment as educators is to create a stimulating environment that help students become:

Committed people, with a sense of identity, who make the institutional principles and values ​​their own. Responsible, respectful, supportive, happy.

Inquisitive, with intellectual restlessness, always seeking personal and academic excellence. With digital, creative and innovative skills.

Autonomous, with the ability to solve problems in a thoughtful way. Taking charge of their learning and decision making.

People with assertive communication, with critical thinking, capable of resolving conflicts by managing their frustration. Tolerant and empathetic.

People with a social and environmental conscience, with leadership skills and the intention to actively participate in society, valuing themselves positively.

Our challenge is to show them that they are capable of achieving more than they realized by helping them develop resilience and determination.