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To be part of Colegio Lirima is a privilege. The school, the only one of its kind in Iquique, has consolidated its presence in the 1st Region by its results and the community it has created.
Bilingualism, a family atmosphere, academic excellence, solidarity, respect, responsibility and happiness are some of the ideals and values that we strive to develop.

Speaking English today is not a luxury, it is a necessity. For this reason it is important to develop a second language from the earliest years. This is a job that everyone is involved in, looking for the best ways to continue developing and improving the level of English in our students

So that our students can learn, our work as teachers is to give them a friendly, safe and protected environment. A family environment is that which meets their needs and stimulates their abilities and helps them to overcome their weaknesses. This environment, where the student feels safe and confident, is created on a daily basis.

They say that Education is the only thing we can leave our children, and it is so true. Material things can always be lost, but knowledge cannot. There is no doubt that the education that we are giving will endure throughout their lives irrespective of their situations. For this reason, our mission is to give an excellent education. It is important to understand that excellence is not only gauged by the grades we receive in SIMCE and the PSU. It is also seen that the tools our students are acquiring will equip them for life. Related to this; promoting autonomy, investigating skills critical thinking and the capacity to have an informed opinion, among others, is just as important as the accolades. For this reason the work is not easy and requires constant revision and evaluation by all of its participants.

As important as the aforementioned, is the development of values. Respect, responsibility, solidarity and happiness are perhaps the most important values to promote in mankind. With these principles instilled, daily interaction is better and more harmonious. Educating values is work that not only corresponds to  school but also at home as it is in every minute of every day.

I cordially invite you to review our web page to learn more about our reality and the projects that we have planned.



Our Mission

Our commitment is to deliver a bilingual education of a high academic level with values that reflect the challenges of today’s society in a global environment.

Our Vision

We dream of building an excellent school where children and adolescents can develop their life plan in an affectionate family environment aspiring to encourage in them values inspired by respect, solidarity, responsibility and happiness.


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