We are a bi-lingual (English-Spanish) mixed school whose commitment is to offer a high level education both academic and ethically. With 27 years of experience in the 1st region, we welcome and promote different cultures and religions.   
When a family joins the Lirima community, it is hoped that they will follow the values that the school promotes, promise to reinforce these values in the home, assume an active role in their children’s education and actively support the Educational Project.
We understand that the family exercises a positive influence in our community in a formative role of our students, thereby sharing the commitment that they reach their full potential. To achieve the personal development and complete education of the child, it needs to be a joint effort where the family and the school work in a coordinated manner with mutual respect
We thank you for showing interest in our school and the project that guides us and we invite you to explore our web site, where you can obtain all the information about our School Educational Project.
Open Day
This is a day to explore Lirima School. Future students and their families have the opportunity to take a guided tour of the school accompanied by school students. School officials will be available to answer any questions from the future parents. Open Day is on Saturday August 4th.
 Admission Requirements.

Fill in the online application form. These must be submitted by Monday August 27th. All the necessary digitalized documentation must be included with this form.

Required Documents.
Playgroup to 1st Grade.
o Original birth certificate.
o Photocopy of student and parents identity cards.
o 2 Passport  size photos.
o Report card of the previous year’s schooling.
o Current reports of any Educational Psychologist, Psychologist, Psychiatrist, Neurologist or Phonologist  treatment in the last 2 years.

2nd Grade to 12th Grade
o Original birth certificate.
o Photocopy of student and parents identity cards.
o 2 Passport size photos.
o Report card of the school year 2010 – 2011.
o Personality and behavioral  report of the previous class.
o Report card of the 1st term, 2012.
o General class average 5.6.
o Current reports of any Educational Psychologist, Psychologist, Psychiatrist, Neurologist or Phonologist  treatment in the last 2 years.

2. The applicants must achieve the following minimum ages by March 31st in the year they apply.
o Playgroup: 3 years.
o Pre-kinder: 4 years
o Kinder: 5 years.
o 1ºGrade: 6 years.

3. Examination Fees.
Students that take the exam in Iquique can pay in the school office. Students from other cities or countries can pay with an electronic money transfer.
Exam fee. $20.000.
Exam fee in Santiago: $30,000.

4. Evaluation  Attendance.
Evaluation Calendar for new students.
• Playgroup: Wednesday September 5th. 
• Pre-Kinder: Friday August 31st and Saturday September 1st.
• Kinder: Friday September 7th.
• 1st grade to 12th. Grade: Wednesday August 29th.

Evaluation Process for Playgroup.
1. Children applying for Playgroup do not have an evaluation. They will be invited to an observation day when they will have free play time and a second phase with more structured activities.
2. Entry into Playgroup does not secure an entry into Pre-kinder. Children in Playgroup will have to do an exam for Pre-kinder along with the other applicants.

Evaluation Process for Pre-Kinder and Kinder.
1. The applicants will be evaluated in 2 sessions. The first day is a group session of approximately 50 minutes. This is when the emotional and social development of the student is evaluated to see if it is compatible with the school requirements.
2. On the second evaluation day, the students will take a maturity test which measures their cognitive, social and academic skills. This lasts approximately 1 hour.

Evaluation Process for 1st Grade
1. A test that measures cognitive and basic educational psychological skills in Math and Spanish. This evaluation lasts approximately 45 minutes.

Evaluation Process for 2nd Grade to 12th Grade.
1. The applicant must do tests in Math, English and Spanish. The Spanish test will not be necessary if the applicant cannot speak this language.
2. The Orientation and Educational Department will give a general ability test and a personal interview to the applicant.
3. The parents of new students must attend an interview, the time and date of which will be advised. This date is final so if there is any reason why you cannot attend it, prior notice must be given. Failure to attend this interview will imply that the application for the school is not needed anymore. Parents with children already in the school do not need to be interviewed.

Important Information.
The school has a limited number of vacancies in the different levels evenly distributed between boys and girls.
In our selection process we give priority to families that already have children in the school. This sibling application varies from year to year; subsequently the rest of the vacancies are variable. As the applications are always greater than the vacancies, it is not possible to reserve a vacancy.
The acceptance or rejection of an applicant is related to the evaluations of the requirements of the school, also the availability of vacancies in each class.
The school reserves the right to accept or reject applicants according to the evaluations presented. These evaluations are confidential and are not shown to the parents.
Results: Selection of the candidates is made by an internal school committee. These results will be informed by email within 10 days.
Registration: Parents have 7 days to register their child after notification of his/her acceptance. Failure to do so will lose the vacancy.

Admission Process.
The process has 2 stages, the first in the country of origin and the second in Chile.

In the country of origin;
Legalize the study certificates of the student in the Ministry of Education of that country (or equivalent authority) and in the Ministry of External Affairs (or equivalent authority) and in the Chilean Consulate of that country.

In Chile;
Legalize the documents in the Legalization Department of the Ministry of External Affairs, Agustinas 1320, Santiago. (9.00 to 13.20 hrs)
Subsequently present the legalized documents to the Test Unit of Private Schools in the Ministry of Education situated at Fray Camilo Henriquez N° 232, Santiago. (9.00 to 14.00 hrs) and apply for validation of the existing studies.
In the cities outside Santiago, you must go to the local Provincial Department of Education or the Regional Secretary of the Ministry of Education who will send all of the background information to Santiago.

Required Documents.
Birth Certificate. (If the student is foreign, this needs to be legalized)
Study Certificates (legalized)

Duration of the procedure.
In a maximum of 3 months the Exam Department will provide a certificate recognizing the existing studies of the student and he/she will be able to register in the school permanently.

Summing up.
Recognition and validation of Junior and Senior studies overseas, 

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Our Mission

Our commitment is to deliver a bilingual education of a high academic level with values that reflect the challenges of today’s society in a global environment.

Our Vision

We dream of building an excellent school where children and adolescents can develop their life plan in an affectionate family environment aspiring to encourage in them values inspired by respect, solidarity, responsibility and happiness.


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