Admisión Infant 2018


I. Application Requests
Interested parents must send all the required documentation to the school admissions department, according to the application timetable. Before any evaluation or family interview it is of the utmost importance that the documentation has been presented to the admissions office. No evaluation will be considered without this documentation.

New parents must fill out the inscription form at; Naranja , for families already in the Lirima community who wish to postulate another child, this can be done on line in Schoolnet. 

II. Postulation Period
From August 16th to September 27th, if any vacancies appear after this date, applicants will be called for a new evaluation. The families applying from Iquique must attend an Open House which takes place at the establishment on September 2nd. 

Admission Requirements
Playgroup:  Reached 3 years old by March 31st 2018
Prekinder: Reached 4 years old by March 31st 2018
Kinder: Reached 5 years old by March 31st 2018

No applicant will be accepted if they do not comply with the age restrictions.


- Original birth certificate.
- Photocopy of the applicant and parent’s identity cards.
- 2 Passport size photos with a name.
- Vaccination Certificate. (Infant School)
- Report from the previous nursery school.
- Specialist reports if the child has seen a child psychologist, psychologist, psychiatrist neurologist or speech therapist in the last 2 years.
- Inscription fee in Iquique is $28.000(twenty-eight thousand pesos) or $38.000 (thirty-eight thousand pesos) in Santiago. Payment is made  at the school or by an electronic transfer at Naranja, once the documentation has been checked and approved by the admission staff.

Process Stages

1.- Complete the pre inscription form; at the end of the form you will be assigned a code the will need to be presented at the Open House. it is important that all of the documents listed above have been left with the school secretary before the Admission Testing Day (september 30th).
2.- Applicants from Iquique: Must attend an Open House. Applicants outside Iquique will receive a link to view the virtual school tour.
3.- Participate in the Admission Testing Day, the 30th of September.
4.- Parents interview

III. Evaluation Process
Children who apply for Playgroup, PreKinder and Kinder will be invited to an observation day where there will be free play time and a second stage with guided activities. The evaluation will last approximately 40 minutes. The students will form small groups. The objective is to evaluate their maturity, speech development and social attitudes to see whether they meet the required standards of the school.   

Subsequently, the parents of the student will be invited to attend a personal interview, time and date of which will be communicated via email. After the interviews have finished the admission board will choose the successful candidates.

The applicants with siblings at the school have priority for the vacancies, as well as the children of staff members and ex-students of the school.

These will be notified via email on October 23rd.

Waiting List
There is a list of the names of those applicants who obtained the top 5 scores in the evaluations, who will be called for a parent´s interview if any vacancies occur.

IV. Enrollment
The parents of the applicants have 10 working days to enroll their child after they have been notified of their acceptance.

V. Vacancies
The possibility of there being vacancies depends on children being withdrawn or vacancies during the year. The school reserves the right to choose the applicants based on their previous academic results and the results of the admission test.


The school offers the following vacancies in each level:










VI. Admission Process in Santiago:
The applicants in Santiago and its surroundings who wish to take the test in Santiago, must complete the inscription form, and on the 14th of October. Access the virtual school tour through the link that will be sent.

Subsequently you must send the academic documents and family history by email to admisió, or send by registered mail to Av. La Tirana 4650, Iquique.  

The evaluation and interview dates have been programmed for October 14th.  
The allocated times and contacts will be notified via email.

Naranja Coexistence Manual, Naranja Evaluation Rules y Naranja School Educational Project (PEI) of Lirima School.

VII. Overseas Applications

The overseas applications, received throughout the year, must send an email to  admisió and visit the virtual tour on the web site of the school.

- Applicants birth certificate (spanish-english).
- Applicants photo.
- Present academic report (spanish-english)
- The student will be evaluated by the same conditions as the other applicants in whichever level and their acceptance will depend on a vacancy and the results obtained in the admission test.

VIII. Open House.
This event is an obligatory part of the admission process for the applicants from Iquique. Its principal objective is to invite future students and their families to know our school. You will have the opportunity to walk around the establishment, have a complete view of the School Education Project and know the diverse activities that Lirima offers to its students, such as the expectations and demands of the school.

Open House is on Saturday September 2nd.


Contacto: Marcela Figueroa C.
Cargo: Academic Director Assistant & Admissions
Correo electrónico: admisió
Teléfono: 57-2461416-2461400
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